Summer Course One

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Wow! What a fantastic couple of days at First Stage Theatre. Its amazing to see how the children grow and develop in just two days. On Wednesday morning, one by one the children arrived, nervous and maybe a little afraid of what they’d signed up for. Some barely spoke and others compensated by acting over confident.
We started off learning names through some fun non-challenging games before warming up our bodies. Once again, Chris led an extremely energetic warm-up which had the children laughing and giggling.
By breaktime, the children were feeling much more comfortable and at ease, and this was particularly noticeable in our last exercise where children were asked to pick a random object (and they really were random!) and create a character who valued this object. The children then had a couple of minutes thinking time to imagine a back story and an emotional attachment to the object before talking about it to the rest of the group. Bob set the bar high with his amazing talk about a belt.
The rest of the workshop was spent working on our final presentations – a choral piece based on the first chapter of the BFG, a devised piece about the dreams the BFG had collected, and a song. The children also created fabulous dream catchers with Bob, as well as creating grotesque masks to use in their drama.
The energy was high and the creativity amazing. It was lovely to see children having so much fun while maintaing high concentration to put together a couple of pieces worthy of showing to an audience.
Well done, First Stagers!

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